Inspiring, surprising, talented, creative - all are words that describe Rusty Arena. A Houston native, Arena's background is in fine art. He was a member of the first graduating class at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) in Houston. Although offered art scholarships to numerous schools and universities, he chose to strike out on his own preferring to learn along the way.

Rusty Arena discovered that the line between fine art and decorative art was made to be challenged. A rebel at heart, he sought the classics in art and architecture for his inspiration to debunk the notion there could be only one vision for celebrating the diversity of Art. This quest would require taking that proverbial road and later the literal one that would take him on a journey traveling the world. Arena has been sought out for international positions with such notables as Jim Thompson in Bangkok and Vakko Textiles in Istanbul. Hermés in Paris has approached him for consultation and the Venetian textile legend, Fortuny, is in a continuing dialogue with Arena as to how they can collaborate. The reason: Arena's non-traditional techniques and ability to manipulate wet ink applied to unique surfaces. 

By combining hand-painting with hand-printing, Arena had brought a new method of production to life. In order to make the patterns truly original, Rusty Arena created new designs combining different design elements adopted from the classics to create fresh original patterns.  Arena's brother Randy designed the prototype of the screen printing tables and also brought his engineering brilliance to the operation by designing a curing unit for the fabrics. He not only calibrated the timing necessary to heat the fabric to the appropriate temperature by designing a system of interlocking gears, but built the entire machine from scratch. The curing unit is an essential component to producing the durable, colorfast products which Arena Design has become known for.

Arena Design is able to create custom couture fabrics and wall coverings for the client seeking the finest unique hand-made products on the market. Rusty Arena's dedication to preserving and developing new hand printing techniques not to be replaced by a computer generated image is what makes Arena Design's products so rich and unique. After years of interest from other luxury lines, private commissions, gallery showings of his own art work and traveling the world, Rusty Arena is proud to call Houston his home.